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Human Resources are third party companies hired by employers to assist or facilitate the services of an human resources department for their employees. You or your employer may give these companies medical information for processing.


Ascoa purchases statewide personal hospital discharge data from at least FL [source]. See more information about the fields of data shared, an example of matching real names to the records in statewide discharge data, and which states use standards less than the HIPAA standard.


Systematic Automation Inc had a data breach in 2008, in California. Police filed possession of stolen property charges against a prison parolee who was arrested for having a computer with more than 40,000 names, addresses and Social Security numbers of California residents. The computer was stolen from Systematic automation Inc., which processes individualized annual statements customized for employees with a summary of their health and other employee benefits. The hard drive contained employee information from 19 agencies. Some of the agencies include the Modesto City schools, Clovis Unified School District, Los Angeles Department of water and Power, Nestle Waters North America and the Torrance Unified School District. (40,000 records involved) [source].


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