Documenting all the places
personal data goes.


Legend: with your name, without your name.
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Personal Health Data. The HealthDataMap.

You visit a doctor. Who else gets your data? You might expect the pharmacy, insurance company and maybe even your employer to know some information. Who else? So far, we have documented more than 2000 data sharing arrangements of personal health information in the United States. Most are not covered under Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (or HIPAA), which is the federal medical privacy regulation in the United States.

Learn which organizations are sharing what kind of personal health data.

You can also learn which U.S. states offer detailed medical data, what kind of data the states offer, who are the top buyers of state offerred data, and a demonstration of the risks involved.

Finally, you can see versions of this map that highlight different data sharing contexts --such as, which arrangements are covered under HIPAA and which do not directly involve you.

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