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Licensing organizations provide licensing for an activity or job, often granted through a professional body or board (Ex. FAA). Teachers, medical practitioners, nurses, lawyers and social workers all need licenses and if you are one of these people, then when you apply may need to submit medical information.


MedPro Systems, LLC purchases statewide personal hospital discharge data from at least ME [source]. See more information about the fields of data shared, an example of matching real names to the records in statewide discharge data, and which states use standards less than the HIPAA standard.


Federal Aviation Administration had a data breach in 2010, in District Of Columbia. An investigation that was launched in response to the 2009 breach of the Federal Aviation Administrations computer system (see Feb. 9, 2009, entry) was released June 26, 2010. The findings reveal that the names addresses, Social Security numbers, medical data and other personal information of airmen are still vulnerable and that serious security lapses exist.NOTE(12/2/2010): This entry has been updated to correct an error. Prior to December 2, 2010, this entry erroneously implied that a new breach had occurred involving 3 million records. We apologize for our mistake.Information [source].


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