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Lawyers involved in litigation, such as malpractice cases, can subpoena patient information from healthcare providers, even patients not in the lawsuit.


Akerman Senterfitt, Llp purchases statewide personal hospital discharge data from at least FL [source]. See more information about the fields of data shared, an example of matching real names to the records in statewide discharge data, and which states use standards less than the HIPAA standard.


Law Office of Ashley Bell, Department of Family and Children Services, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) had a data breach in 2011, in Florida. Sensitive client files were found in a newspaper recycling bin at The Gainesville Times. The files were related to the physical and sexual abuse of juveniles and client Social Security and phone numbers were exposed. The breach may have been caused by a college intern who disposed of the files inappropriately. Some files were as recent as 2009, but all cases were closed. [source].


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