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Prescription Analytic companies receive discharge data from states and consortiums and prescription data from pharmacies. They sell resulting data products to pharmaceutical companies.


IMS Health (SDI Health and Verispan) is a data mining company that mines prescription information. IMS Health Inc. is one of the biggest medical profiling firms, with de-identified dossiers on 260 million people. It gets hospital records through SDI Health - a company acquired in 2011 - and through partnerships where hospitals send patient files directly to IMS for linking to prescription histories, said Jody Fisher, marketing director in the U.S. Sales were $2.19 billion in 2009, the year before IMS was taken private. Eighty-five percent came from pharmaceutical companies. They purchase statewide personal hospital discharge data from at least 8 states: AZ, FL, IL, MD, NY, PA, TN, WA [source]. The purchased data does not contain the person's name, but it is possible to match some people by name [source].


Prescription Monitoring Program had a data breach in 2012, in Washington. An unauthorized party gained access to a physicians identity in order to view patient records. A fraudulent account was created under the doctors identity in the Washington medical system. Medical information such as drugs dispensed and quantity dispensed may have been accessed before the fraudulent account was shut down. (34 records involved) [source].


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